PHLEGMA-LOOP, 2009-2010

Unfinished manuscript

Developed in the context of the writing class, an author support program of the Schauspielhaus Wien in cooperation with the UniT Graz under the direction of Silvio Hounder.

Beine sitzen im Leichenwasser.
Die Blasen zerplatzen. Das Wasser
ist unendlich. Tode sterben.


Legs sit in the cadaveric water.
Bubbles burst. The water
is infinite. Deaths die.

drawing, blue fine liner on paper, 21 x 29,7cm
drawing, blue fine liner on paper, 21 x 29,7cm

I forgot something with you. Not little, not much, just something that satisfied me, the smoke in my lungs tried to carry away the remains of forgetting. The forgetting has slid on, has given stomach ache and has shat itself away.

The story is empty, I delete this sentence.


A subject that does not do, but is done. In driven disorientation, a woman narrates her reality in an extremely condensed monologue, in which inside and outside seem to be the same. The occurring persons and events are metaphors of this.

Excerpt from PHLEGMA-LOOP, spoken by Katharina Vana in the context of a staged reading at Schauspielhaus Wien (only in German):