Grants / Collections

2022 Artist in Residence in Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto (CA)

2017 1. Prize at the poster competition, Weight Stigma Conference, Prague (CZ)

2014/2015 Artist in residence in Chicago, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture (AT)

2014 Abundia Empowerment Fund scholarship, Chicago (US)
2012 Scholarship for the diploma work Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen, Federal Ministry for Science and Research, Austria (AT)
2011 Ö1-Talentestipendium (scholarship for young talents of the national radio station of Austria), finalist
2010 Schreibklasse, Annual Authors‘ Support Programme, Schauspielhaus Wien and UniT Graz (AT)


since 2010 several project funds of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York City, Austrian Chancellary, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the Austrian Students' Representative


Represented in private collections in Germany, Austria and the USA, public collection: City of Vienna (AT) and the State of Austria



Performative Installations (solo exhibitions) (selection)


2022 The Fatter The Better, SPARK ART FAIR Vienna, gallery michaela stock (AT)

2021 Der wunde Punkt in Salon Real / Virtual, Gallery michaela stock, Vienna (AT)

2017 DIE HARD, Gallery michaela stock, Vienna (AT)

2015 Fat Pig, Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago (US)

2013 Life-Long Weight-Gaining, Neuer Kunstverein Wien, Vienna (AT)
2012 Posen (Poses), Xposit, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna (AT)
2012 You forgot the color film (Diploma thesis), Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (AT)
2011 DIE STILLE NACHBARIN (The silent neighbor), my apartment Gschwandnergasse 59, Tatort Hernals, Wien (AT) - catalogue
2009 hasen/blasen/enten/hähne/eisenbahn (rabbits/bubbles/ducks/cocks/railway (Series with Toni Schmale)
Secession Vienna, Hör- und Projektgalerie “A und V”, Leipzig and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT/D)

Group exhibitions (selection)


2022 Whatever you do - I like it, Gallery Michaela Stock, Vienna (AT)
No Pity!
, Gallery Michaela Stock, Vienna (AT)

2020 Deep States, Nun's Island Theatre, Galway (IE)

2019 EMBODIMENT / capture performance focus: IRLAND, Gallery Michaela Stock, Vienna (AT)

2018 Pin me up - turn me around,
Gallery Michaela Stock, Vienna (AT)

2018 Emotional Journey, Bildraum Bregenz (AT)

2017 Affectionate Terms of Abuse, Gallery Michaela Stock, Vienna (AT)

2017 23. Gabrovo Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art, Museum House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo (BG)

2017 "Frau_Mann_Transgender fotografiert: Feminismus", Museum of Perception, Graz (AT)
2016 Fat Positive Summer Festival, Filmscreening "Fat Positive Shorts", Berceley Public Library, San Fransisco (US)

2015 APPROPRIATION | PERFORMANCE | PART 1, Gallery Michaela Stock, Vienna (AT)

2014 KOMPROMISSQUALITÄT DEUTSCHLAND- fundamental gescheiterte Künstler & die Ästhetik der Maßlosigkeit, Gallery AA collections, Vienna (AT)
2014 EIGHT, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz (AT)
2014 Tête-à-tête (with Julia Kujat), Die NÄHMASCHINE, Mönchengladbach (D)



Texts  (Selections)

since 2017 Publications in BILDPUNKT, Vienna (AT)

2021 Casual Encounters—Catalyst: Cindy Baker, Catalyst Book Series (US)

2021 Von A wie Adipositas bis Z wie Zucker – Apostils of Fat Studies, Transkript (DE)

2014 Torvald, play (contributions), Das Gut-Ensemble, TAG, Vienna (AT)

2011 Die kleinen Tode vor dem ERROR (The little deaths before the ERROR)
Story in the series “Verhältnisse” (conditions), volume II “Zusammenbruch” (collapse),
Turia + Kant, Vienna, 2011 (AT)
2011 Tatsachenbericht (factual report), Article in the catalogue “Performing Memory”
Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna, 2011 (AT)

2010 PHLEGMA-LOOP,  Scenic reading of Katharina Vana, Schauspielhaus Vienna (AT)
2010 Performance 2, „                “, “This Sentence is Now Being Performed”, die bildende 06, 2010, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna Magazine (AT)

2009 Kalter brauner Kaffee (Cold brown coffee)


Articles about the artist i.a. published in Missy Magazine (2016, D), „Die Wienerin“ (2014, AT), „Die Presse“ (2013, AT) as well as online panels


*1982 in Schwäbisch Hall (D), lives and works  in Vienna (AT)



2007-12 Fine arts studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with the focus on performance art with Carola Dertnig and Kaucyila Brooke, graduated with honors

2012 Assistance at the research project archiv performativ,  Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich (CH)
2004-07 Fine arts studies at the School of Art and Design Kassel with Dorothee von Windheim and Eva-Maria Schön

2002-03 Stay abroad in Australia and Indonesia



Performances (selection)


2022 Garden Eden (with Ela A. Sattler) in the framework of Pickle Bar, Wiener Festwochen, Vienna (AT)

2021 Chocolate weighting scale in the framework of the festival Banal Complexities, Philomena+, Vienna (AT)

2021 Circus Salto Morale (with Barbara Ungepflegt, Nora Jacobs, Kathrin Wölger, Hendrik Quast), Public Space, Vienna (AT)

2020 FATLife, Every Body In-Festival, Reaktor, Vienna (AT)

2019 Equilibrium, gallery michaela stock, Vienna (AT)

2016 The Body of Work: Resisting Strategies as part of "The Inefficient Body - Anti-Capitalist Strategy, a conference" WUK performing arts, Vienna (AT)

2015 erdbeermilch (strawberry milk), Hotel Obscura, Magda's Hotel, Vienna (AT)
2013 Die Kunst der Begegnung (The Art of Encounter) - Austria meets Philippines
Performance festival and collaborations, Tabakfabrik, Linz (AT)
2013 Life-Long Weight-Gaining - Try to beat the record, bb15 - Space for Contemporary Art, Linz (AT)
2012 Don‘t worry, be ha-ha-ha, Garage X, Vienna (AT)
2011/2012 Performing Documentation, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT), Kaskadenkondensator, Basel (CH), JENNYFAIR, Vienna (AT)
2012 Ich hab‘ größere Brüste als deine Mutter (I‘ve got bigger boobs than your mother), public space (AktionsTheaterKassel), Kassel (D)
2011 Dokumentarische Intervention (Documentary intervention), Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna (AT)
2011 Ich habe nichts gesagt. (I haven‘t told a single word.)
Performance, Ida Nowhere, Berlin (D)

2009 “...und dann war ich an Fasching als Fliegenpilz verkleidet” (“... and then I was dressed up as a fly agaric for carnival”), performance festival PERFORMANCEbeHANDLUNGSRAUM,
Fridericianum, Kassel (D)

2009 Kalter brauner Kaffee (Cold brown coffee), Semperdepot, Vienna (AT)



Performative Dinner


since 2014 dinnertime, artist dinners, Chicago (US) and Vienna (AT)
2014 Daddy‘s little girl invites for dinner (Woman laughing alone with salad), Das YIX, Vienna (AT)
2012 You can be my double if I can be yours (with William Knaack and Michaela Schweighofer), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)
2010 The Hands That Feed You (with Bernadette Anzengruber and Teresa Novotny), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)
2010 essen, lesen, essen. lesung, festessen. festessen. (eating, reading, eating, reading, feast.), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)

2006 Tischlein, deck dich! (The Wishing table) (with Katarina Corbet), School of Art and Design Kassel (D)

Projects / Lectures / Workshops (selection)


2020 Lecture FAT ART, DFG network Fat Studies - Doing, Becoming and Being Fat (DE)
     2020 Lecture Fat acceptance and antidiscrimination, Ästhetikreferat Uni Wuppertal (DE)
Workshop Performance, Essen, Körperbilder (Performance, food, body images), Workshops at Stellwerk Weimar and in the framework of the festival Sommerfrische Böhlen (DE)

2018 Riots Not Diets, documentary, director: Julia Fuhr Mann

2016 CurVienna - plus-size fashion market & talk with Virgie Tovar, organisation with Bobby Herrmann-Thurner and Rhea Krcmàrovà, Vienna (AT)

2011 PANik3 - Performance as Documentation
Performance evening with discussion - organisation and moderation with Thomas Geiger as part of the series “PANik”, Performance Art Network Vienna, depot, Vienna (AT)
2007 Bestandsabnahme Murhardstrasse 14 (Murhardstrasse 14, amount decreased)
Zeig das Dokumentationsfoto (d)eines Kunstwerks  (Show the documentation photo of your art work), installation and exhibition, my apartment Murhardstrasse 14, Kassel (D)