Ich hab‘ größere Brüste als deine Mutter (I‘ve got bigger boobs than your mother), 2012

Performance, 2 x 25min

 in public space in the frame of "Irritazioni momentanee. Attenzione!" of AktionsTheaterKassel

(…) Auch Mollige oder Dicke Frauen sind schön und haben das recht Geliebt zu werden ! (…)

(... Also chubby and fat women are beautiful and have a right to be loved!...)

hakkelolli90, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B-WrUxron4

With the title Ich hab‘ größere Brüste als deine Mutter (I’ve got bigger boobs than your mother), I am in an absurd competition with YOUR mother. As a feminine and voluptuous woman, one is confronted with this sexually connoted and somehow incestuous phrase. To win the contest one should not moan too much but rather be celebrated by the audience. Standing on a parade truck, as I arrive my gesture expresses triumph and I present myself in full grandeur.


We will see if I really bake a better cake than YOUR grandmother.


Based on parades like the „Loveparade“ in Berlin. I travel on the deck of a mint green Piaggio Ape through the city of Kassel. In a booming volume during the drive the song ”Tittenpower” by HGich.T is played. In the square in the center of town the truck stops and the music silences. An assistant sits inside my dress; she gives me two yellow rubber gloves. I take off the nipples of my artificial breasts (the covers of whipped cream spray cans). With relish I start to eat the homemade raspberry cake which is placed on the roof of the driver‘s cab. The song ”Weil ich so sexy bin” (Because I am sexy) by the German singer Trude Herr starts to play. Then my assistant hands me the first ”little titties” through my legs. The breast-shapes are filled with cake and each is placed on a light blue paper plate with integrated tea spoon. Now I attract the audience, offering the plates, twist off the lids/nipples of their ”little titties,” and spray whipped cream from my breast onto their breast. The process is repeated until there are no cakes left. Under rapturous applause I drive away. From out of the holes of my dress my assistant takes confetti and throws it in the air.