"...the last thing [Merklein] wants is to be a heroine, 

but [she] doesn't have a choice." 


Dear visitors of my website,

my solo exhibition
DIE HARD ended in May. The documentation can be found here. Furthermore, I can proudly announce that I received the 1. prize for my poster or artistic work on the topic at the scientific Weight Stigma Conference in Prague (CZ) in June as well as a work was bought by a beautiful Austrian collection in the groupshow Affectionate terms of abuse in September.


In June, I also went to the most wonderful wheat fields in the Viennese outskirts and, together with Julia Stiebert and her team, the last scenes for her queer-feminist essayist and surreal documentary "Riot don't diet" were shot. A preliminary idea shows the following picture. Stay tuned!




Also I once again pounded out and wrote a text for the current BILDPUNKT edition "Class matters":


Excerpt of the German article in English:


"Luckily, I was forced to spend the night next to Simon: Simon, who from our first meeting I only remembered as a snotty constantly active PR employee of an Austrian party. When he talked to me about my artistic activities, I reacted as always towards "unlikeables" with "body politics". To my surprise, my lean side-seater responded with interest. We continued the conversation and I got to know a secret from Simon which in medical terms is described as "morbidly adipose". Simon, otherwise privileged on most levels, was fat as a youngster. In the course of the conversation I learned that it was only when he starved himself to the state of fainting that he was suddenly been invited to parties and allowed to participate in social life. Simon has been able to renounce his social stigma as an archetypically good "Fatty". He paid his tribute and climbed the olymp of the "Alwaysslim". In contrast to the many "Bad Fatties" like me, who are outted herself as fat and alternatively do not die early enough as it is wittily sketched by Stacy Bias in '12 Archetypes of Good Fatties'. (...)"




Let's talk about Fuck. Shit. Asshole. Kurac. Dick.


I will be part of the group show

Affectionate Terms Of Abuse & Archive in Words


opening: 9.9.2017, 6pm

duration: 10.9. - 7.10.2017
performance & guided tour: 14.9.2017, 6pm


Gallery Michaela Stock

Schleifmühlgasse 18

1040 Vienna (AT)


"Swearing is the most intriguing of the magical uses of language. Virtually every culture has their unique set of swearwords. Whatever is taboo in a culture, whether faeces, sexuality, incest, death or animal names become a source of foul language.

The exhibition Affectionate Terms of Abuse deals with this topic. Artists that were invited to participate, fequently or seldomly incorporate text and words in their art. The word becomes an independent visual medium and functions as communicative interface between the written word and its artistic design. The show explores the limits of bad language. The words serve not only as a tool, but also as a toy: playing in and with the language. The exhibition is focused on the presentation of artworks from the realms of performance, painting, graphics, photography, collage, sculpture and installation."


Participating artists:

Bernadette Anzengruber, Patrick Baumüller, Ivica Capan, Vlasta Delimar, frustracиja., Tomislav Gotovac, Vlado Martek, Veronika Merklein, Lilo Nein, Alexander Viscio


"Ich tret dir gleich in deinen Genitiv!" - Claudia Aigner in the Wiener Zeitung / 26.09.2017:


"The body fat of Veronika Merklein demonstratively floats with self-median ease. Three balloon letters ("FAT") protest against the discriminatory cult of slimness. (In a photo, this time unfortunately not live.)"





Go and see the "23rd International Biennial of Humor and Satire in Art" where my work "Die Hard" will be shown until the end of September 2017.


Opening: may 19th, 2017, 7pm

exhibition: 20.5. - 30.9.2017


Museum House of Humour and Satire,

68, Bryanska St.,
5300 Gabrovo







For the second time, I am represented in the LAGE in Kassel with my poster "DIE HARD" in the group exhibition "afisa & artists &&& / posters & artists &&&". The edition of 80 copies will be available there or in the Gallery Michaela Stock in Vienna for 50 €.
The exhibition series during the 100 days of the documenta14 shows posters and artist drinks by international artists and is enriched by special events.


Afisa & artists &&& / Posters & Artists &&&

Duration of exhibition: 16.6. - 14.92017
Opening hours: TUE & THU 16-19 and by appointment
LOCATION Meeting MO 11.09.2017 7:30pm /



Elfbuchenstr. 20

34119 Kassel



Participating artists: Alexander Gehring, Aljoscha Burtchen, Andrea Schulze Wilmert, Anja Köhne, Anky Brandt, Ann Schomburg, Brigit Edelmann, Catrine Val, Christine Gensheimer, Daniel v. Bothmer, Ekachai Eksaroj, Flaut M. Rauch, Fritz Laszlo Weber, Groth&Vidal, Holger Jenss, Ines Christine Geisser, Jens-Ole Remmers, Jero Jeremias, Jette Stokholm, Katz & Fuchs, Kirsten Carina Geisser, Klaus Cornfield, La Belle Imira, Lars Rosenbohm, Linda J. Knop, Maja Oschmann, Marc Jung, Martin Rost, Marven Graf, Max Hänisch, Max Sand, Mehtap Baydu, Melanie Vogel, Michael Rockel, Olaf Val, Olga Holzschuh, Rene Wagner, Romina Abate, Rosa Violetta Grötsch, Ryeung Moon Kim, Sabine Schlunk, Sally Schütz, Sascha Boldt, Seung Hyun Baek, Shpresa Faqi, Stefan Geyer, Sveta Antonova, Thomas Reymann, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Veronika Merklein, Sarah Wegner




Finally, the first German-language Fat Studies Reader (published by Lotte Rose and Friedrich Schorb) has been published and my work is represented in there. Big thanks to Kristina Kulicova and her self-titled article "Fette Kunst" (Fat Art):


Extracts from the article "Fette Kunst":

"Merklein's fat perspective is not just limited to the Fat Pig exhibition. Through her artistic work a central theme is the attempt to redefine the fat identity. As a fat person and through her works, she talks about her own experiences as well as about structural oppression of fat people (...) Her performances combine sensuality with politics, often with the help of humor and irony, they reveal struggles of people who have become victims of entrepreneurial, political and medical interventions because of their physical appearance. (...)

Unfortunately, too many, even art scientists, still claim that "Being Fat" is a purely individual and perceptional problem and accuse those artists of self-referentiality who use their own fat body as an artistic medium. This privatization of a social problem contributes to social inequality and marginalization of fat people. (...) Fat art is there to open the eyes to those who read fat bodies only as they were brought to them. And it is there to fill the hearts. It is a compensation for the lack of representation. It is a declaration of love, a protest, a call for mobilization and a therapy. It is personal and political, and it is fearless."



As always with kind regards from outer space,

Yours Veronika Merklein






Our trailer of our performance lecture dance kind-of-thing in three parts "The Inefficient Body - Anti-Capitalist Strategy, a Conference" of November 2016 is ready to watch. Enjoy!




With stoic presence and careless pride Veronika Merklein embodies in rigorous movements the apparent aimlessness. In her solitary and decapitating contribution she aborts meanings, creates debts and gaps, and indulges herself and the audiences in the zones of discomfort while disregarding any desire for a profitable encounter. She devalues size and weight with lightness of her own and successfully markets anxiety as the next thing to disconnect from your inner self." 


Text: Milan Loviška 



Photo: Monika Sobczak
Photo: Monika Sobczak

I am overjoyed about the PAS - Performance Art Studies as my first teaching experience in the gallery Stock here in Vienna, including my lecture "I am not a Performance Artist" which provoked a lot of discussion. I thank Johannes, Monika, Matthias, Michael, Burcak, Amelia, Carmen, Antje, Felipe, Zarko, Roberta, Elisa and last but not least thanks a lot to Michaela Stock for the wonderful Dopust - Days of Open Performance - Festival. What's more, I am more than happy that I will be a guest at the PAS #49 I neighboorhood in Bratislava in September 2016, too.


My documentary video "Life-Long Weight Gaining" was selected and shown by Virgie Tovar end of June 2016 with four other wonderful films at the film screening

Lose Hate Not Weight: Fat Positive Short Films.


With my grandiose fellow activists Bobby Be (Austrian plus-size platform CURVECT) and "Venus-in-echt"-author Rhea Rhea Krcmárová we have launched CurVienna in 2016 and on April 24th we had our first major plus-size fashion event realized. We are very proud that we were announced widely by Austrian media:

Our documentation incl. download file is now on our website. Here you find find the interview with Bobby and me at the Austrian radio station FM4: https://soundcloud.com/veronika-merklein/curvienna-fm4mp3

We are also nominated for a prize. You can vote for us soon. Stay tuned!

Also Virgie Tovar who was speaker at our CurVienna talk, has written down her impressions in Take The Cake: Fat Babes In Vienna


In addition, the first part "The beautiful and brutal (inner) life of people" of a very long interview is published on Curvect  published. This time it's about my art, the next times we will focus on Body Positivity and the relationship to one's own body. Yet, the interview is only in German but will be translated soon.


What's more, my performance "erdbeermilch" is part of the "Hotel Obscura"- documentary (18min, director: Anatol Bogendorfer, curated by Die Fabrikanten) which was shown at the Crossing Europe-Festival in Linz (AT) in April, 2016:


 Also, "Die Fabrikanten" made a nice interview with me about Performance Art. A big thanks their way: