dinnertime, 2014-

Artist dinners

Different places: Chicago (US) and Vienna (AT)


For many years I organize (performative) dinner. I see eating together as a way to support the need for belonging and as stress-reducing moment. An art presentation within this framework, in my experience, enhances a profound discussion of proposed topics (in this case art presentations). Addressing food politics, I would like to make a socio-political statement and support DO IT YOURSELF which is replaced in stress-intensive times by fast food and quickly obtainable convenience products.





The menu, the evening program and the guest list are decided together with the respective artists. The artists are given the freedom to present their work in their appropriate form and to use the dinner itself as a venue for their presentation. The idea is to put together a group that hardly knows each other, which means that at each meeting completely new people are invited to promote a new network.

So far my guests were Arjuna Capulong (US), Meg Duguid (US), Nora Jacobs (DE/AT), Justis Harris (US) Andrea Nehring (DE/AT), Veronika Merklein (DE/AT), Chris Swoon (AT) und Borjana Ventzislavova (BG/AT).