FAT Life, 2020/2022

Performance, 30-60min as part of the Every Body In. Festivals

Reaktor, Vienna (AT)

Dom Museum, Vienna (AT)

Vienna Art Week, Vienna (AT)

Video, HD, 9:40min

In principle, anyone can produce food supplements. The effectiveness is not checked. In FATLife, I adopt a communication strategy that works with empty keywords and thus convince my counterpart of the effectiveness of my product. The product presentation as a representative of the FATLife company took place at a trade fair at the Every.Body.In Festival in Vienna (AT). While it was not clear to the visitors whether my performance was meant seriously, this performance contained both: To offer a product that seems absurd in the narrative of our body ideals and at the same time spreads uncertainty about whether what we believe is actually true.



FATLife is a unique active complex made from 100% nature. It relies on the power of nature: FATLife is made from 100% natural body fat cells. The various components are carefully coordinated with one another in order to optimize performance and tolerance. In combination with a secret formula, they form a unique complex of active ingredients that you can only find in FATLife. For our natural concentrate FATLife, constant and high quality has top priority. It starts with the selection of our suppliers and raw materials and extends to careful processing and final inspection in the laboratory. Whether from the region or from overseas - no matter where our raw materials come from, we attach great importance to the careful selection of our suppliers. FATLife ensures continuous healthy weight gain and will change your life forever.