Episode: Back in Vienna

Yesterday I dared talking to someone I did not know.

He was part of the performance evening "Raw Matters" I cooked for. I lighted my cigarette with his matches and did the attempt to chit-chat with him and his companion. After seven months in the US I forgot about the weirdness of JUST talking to someone here in Vienna. Of JUST being interested in someone I do not know yet. Of JUST enjoying some company while having a cigarette. - After I apologized for disturbing the conversation I ended up at the bar by myself several times to be asked if I am about to order something. I answered: "I JUST want to smoke my cigarette."

Later that night after I parked my car I walked home. On the end of a street I saw bright shining light out of a single window next to the cemetry. When I got closer I recognized a nicely decorated room of the cemetry's flower shop which was prepared for the resurrection of Jesus. I guess, without judging, this lonely celebration is part of Vienna's identity.

March, 2015